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The world's top hotels, restaurants & attractions have received the 2019 Experts' Choice Award.

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Expert reviews

Our sources are travel guides, magazines & newspapers that you know and trust.

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This year, we expanded our coverage to 1.5 million reviews in over 500 destinations.

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Fewer than 2% of eligible venues receive the award, making it a distinctive honor.

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Unlike other sites, our reviews are impartial and our system can't be gamed.

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TripExpert was founded in 2014 to provide a source for travel reviews that you can trust. We've expanded to cover hotels, restaurants and attractions in over 80 countries. The experts that we rely on for determining the winners of our Experts' Choice Awards are professional writers for leading travel outlets, like Frommer's , Travel + Leisure and The New York Times. For more information about our story, visit our about page.

Awards are based on TripExpert Scores, which are calculated using an algorithm that takes into account how many publications have recommended the relevant venue, what they've said about it, and what score they've given it, among other factors. In most destinations, a venue must score at least 75 to receive an Experts' Choice Award. In some destinations with a very large or a very small number of competing venues, the threshold is higher or lower.

Your first stop should be your venue support page. From your listing on TripExpert, click the link to "venue support". If you still have any questions, please contact us at any time.

Destination awards

We're also giving awards in several categories to the best travel destinations. Winners will be announced through summer 2019.


  • Best Overall Destination
  • Best of USA
  • Best of Asia
  • Best of Central & South America
  • Best of Europe
  • Best of Africa & Middle East
  • Best of Oceania
  • Best Emerging Destination
  • Best Beach Destination

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